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Peter Billingham Public Speaker BirminghamAbout Peter Billingham – Creating a Lasting Legacy

Hi there, I’m Peter. Thanks for taking the time to stop and read about my world.

If you want to create a positive lasting legacy, or are looking for interesting stories that inspire and challenge you, or even searching for powerful public speaking and speech writing resources, then you will find them all here.

What will your lasting legacy be?

Life is short.

No, really, it’s short. Very short.

You and I can easily forget that. Have you calculated how many days you may have left to create stories that will become memories? I did, and it was a “wake up” moment.

Let me know how many days you have lived by tweeting, “Today, I’m intentionally creating a #lastinglegacy and it’s day number XXXXX.” (Tweetable)

We can easily let minutes slip into hours, (especially exploring the web) days into weeks, weeks into months, we turn around and time that was once full of potential, has been spent. There’s no saving time for another day, the question is did we use that time wisely? That’s why I want you to know that I appreciate you have given to me the gift of the one and only irredeemable asset you have, time, and you by stopped to read my blog. Thank You!

What You Will Find Here:

What you will find here are interesting stories, thoughts and observations about life that will help:

Powerful public speaking Adventure Peter Billingham

Creating A Lasting Legacy

RESOURCE you – lots of the posts here are powerful public speaking resources. Speaking in public is a passion and joy for me having given well over a 1000 speeches both internationally, and around Birmingham and The Midlands. Many of my speeches turn into blogs and many of the blogs turn into speeches. If you get an idea for a speech from these stories, please use it and let me know how.

INSPIRE you – here are real life examples that show if intentionally create memories you can write an epic story with your days that can become part of your lasting legacy. We will all leave a legacy, I want to inspire you to create yours a day at a time rather than letting time create your legacy.

CHALLENGE you – through my successes, failings, mistakes, observations and questions, I want you to take action that could open amazing opportunities and to create and experience adventures yet only dreamed. I want you to see that new chapters could be waiting to be written in your life if you just took action and knocked on the door of the unknown.

GROW you – life is about growing, growing in knowledge and growing in experiences (and understanding the lessons within them). If we stop learning, we stop growing. Because I firmly believe that we learn best what we teach, I want to share with you things I am learning. I’m learning about Rhetoric, about blogging (as you can probably tell) best of all I’m learning about life, I still have loads to learn, join me on the adventure!

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