Who Else Wants To Feel Like An Insider? Part 2

Feel like an insider

I like to feel noticed. Do you?

Man goes into doctors and says, “Dr I feel awful, everyone keeps ignoring me.”
“Next please!”

Chris Brogan is someone who is thinking a lot about how people are noticed in his podcast ‘The Insider Feeling.’ Take a listen here, it’s really worth the investment of 10:35 secs.

The previous post part 1 was about the critical nature of noticing people. How you make people feel like an insider. Especially, customers and potential clients. This post is about the people who serve those customers. It about our staff. How to we make our insiders feel Insiders?

Maya Angelou said,

People will forget what you said
People will forget what you did
But people will never forget how you made them feel.

I want to feel noticed. I want the people that I work around to feel noticed.

What Happens When You Feel Noticed?

  • When you are noticed, you feel respected.
  • When you are noticed, you feel worthy.
  • When you are noticed, you feel your spirit soars.
  • When you are noticed, you feel you have a greater capacity to give.
  • When you are noticed, it builds internal reserves to face difficult tasks ahead.
  • When you are noticed, you feel like a human should feel.

And the truth is it can take one simple but authentic act by you the business owner to make staff feel noticed.

Say “Thank You.”

Workplace environments can be the worse place for a lack of gratitude. You can be hard working, diligent, conscientious, and punctual. You may display all the traits that mark a good and dedicated employee. Still feel invisible to supervisors, managers and leaders. It seems that way. No matter how often you turn the report in on time, answer emails at midnight, go to the office on Saturday, you might as well be invisible. No one ever says those simple words - Thank You. 

  • Yes, you get paid to do the job.
  • Yes, it might be in the job description.
  • Yes, it might be the “norm” in the place you work.

Still the same, please notice me, at least, say “Thanks” from time to time.

Gratitude is a simple act that works both ways. Study after study says that being grateful brings huge benefits into our lives. Being on the receiving end of someone else’s gratitude make us feel noticed. Maybe the biggest mistake an owner can make is the “un-noticing’ of the most important asset they have, the staff.

I wanted to show my staff that I noticed them.  I created a simple little card that had “Thank You” on the front and space on the back to write a few words. I would walk the desks after everyone left for the day and left a card on the desks of people I had noticed that day. Yes, I noticed the people who had “gone the extra mile” in doing more than expected. But what had the greatest impact was just noticing the people.

  • Thank you for always being on time.
  • Thank you for having a smile around the office.
  • Thank you for meeting the report deadlines.
  • Thank you for making the team coffee.
  • Thank you for the way you keep the stationary tidy.

Thank you.

The compound effect of this noticing people and saying “Thank You,” built a culture where creativity and productivity oozed out of every department.

A simple card. A simple message. Thank you.

Living out the Insider effect is not grown by the big corporate party once a year, but it is built by taking the time daily to notice people.

That’s what makes your staff feel like Insiders.

Thank You. 


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