Who Else Wants To Feel Like An Insider?

Saying Thank You Being NoticedEveryone wants to feel noticed.

There are 7 billion people in the world. Everyone is different. They all share one thing in common. The need to feel noticed.

You like to feel noticed. Go on admit it. When that tweet is retweeted, how does that make you feel? If only for a split second, how do you feel?


Noticing another person is at the core of building anything.

  • A relationship.
  • A business.
  • A community.

Noticing others will you an Insider make.

I was listening to Chris Brogan talk on his podcast about his new upcoming book. It’s answering a critical question, “When there are so many options to buy, why should someone buy from you?” It’s a question all owners need to answer. On his podcast, he talks about a day many years before when he was made to feel anInsider. When someone noticed him. When someone with no motive other than to make him feel noticed, invited him into a conversation as an Insider.

I remember a similar situation where someone made me feel like an Insider. I had connected with the writer and Co-Founder of the Podcast MovementJered Easley, through his podcast, “Starve The Doubts.” For 12 months or more, we connected through the web. Then one day, at NMX in Las Vegas, we meet for the first time. “Get in the car, we’re off to lunch,” was his opening words to me when we met face to face. We enter a small Vietnamese restaurant. There was table with an empty place for me to sit next to Chris Brogan (and his mom and dad who are just fascinating.) Jared knew I wanted to meet Chris. He didn’t need to make it happen. He did it to make me feel an Insider. Jared is one of the most prolific people I know that embraces making others feel noticed.

People matter. People are the reason you the owner will achieve what you want to achieve. At the core of making people Insiders, I believe, is the understanding that making people feel important matters. How you make people feel will be the determining success or failure of your business. Making customers feel valued, supported and noticed is an accepted practice. Fail at that, and everything else is heading for the door. I see another critical question is how do we make the people that drive that customer support feel each day? Do we notice the people that work for us? How do we make our Insiders, feel like an Insider?

Watch out for next post on making your staff feel like Insiders.

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P.S.: Thanks, Chris Brogan and Jared Easley for making me feel an Insider.


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    Thank you for the mention Sir Peter! Where is the audioblog? lol

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