3 ways to make an impression rather than gain attention on the web

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Make an ImpressionThe lift doors on the 10th floor swished open and a sharp dressed man walked confidently out. The soft burgundy tie, woven of the finest silk, coordinated perfectly with his pale blue shirt. The horn waistcoat buttons on his expensive 3 piece suit were as black as coal. It was a quality suit. The only problem was 1 piece of the 3 was missing. I shall never forget the day one of my managers walked into the regional sales office of the largest Insurance Company in England … without his trousers! Read more

Powerful public speaking through storytelling

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Powerful Public Speaking Through Storytelling

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Storytelling is at the heart of being an effective public speaker. Want to learn to speak well in public? Then it is critical to learn public speaking through storytelling, and learn to tell stories well. I love stories and I am trying to learn how to tell stories better and learning how to live a better story with my life. Stories captivate us. Stories entertain us. Stories explain life in ways people can understand and interpret life through. Read more

Legacy: Will They Throw An Orange or A Blackberry At Your Funeral?

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Legacy : Will They Throw An Orange Or A Blackberry At Your Funeral?

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The oranges bounced off the coffin like hail stones off the roof of a car. Boom. Boom. B-Boom! While onlookers stared in amazement, the small group standing and throwing them smiled reminiscing and recollecting a lifetime of shared moments.  One single red rose and a dozen oranges. The family and friends slowly walked away from the open graveside. I was left on my own. It may have looked strange to others watching that day, but for the family involved nothing could have been better.

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