Starting Again The Journey From Employee To Owner

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Starting Again - StartOver EconomyStarting Again

I am starting again.

I didn’t think that at 53 I would be starting again.

I’ve started again before. Starting again is not new to me. This time it’s different. I am starting again to be an owner. Before, I’ve worked for organisations, now I’m working for myself. Honest, that fills me with doubts, fears and negative voices that fill my head saying, “what are you thinking?” Read more

What if one step is all you can take?

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What if one step is all you can take?

One Step - Public Speaking Takes A Step of CourageOne step. Did you know that’s all it takes? You are just one step away from beginning a journey that can end with you fulfilling a life dream.

One step.

It takes just one step in the right direction.

It was a dream of mine to walk “The Camino,” the pilgrim route across Spain. I held that dream for years. But in February after quitting my job, I took the step of following that dream, packed a rucksack and headed out the door for Spain.

One step, but we both know taking that first step can be the hardest.

I’m back. Well, almost all of me, is now back in England. Read more

Could You Walk A Million Steps Disconnected From The Internet?

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1,056,000 Steps DisconnectedA faceless voice solemnly warned “Mind The Gap” as the doors to the London underground train silently slid shut. The carriage had 16 seats. There were 17 people. I stood.

I looked across the carriage and I was struck by the sight that 16 people had mobile phones, 16 iPhones appeared to be superglued into 32 hands. I looked down. I was one of them.

Being connected all the time seems normal. My wife says I can’t help but always check my phone, she’s probably right.

No, ok, she’s certainly right.

If I’m lost, how do I know where to go? No problem, I just grab my phone and it can guide my every step. Not only how I get from A to B, even if I am at C, but with a mobile phone connected to the internet you can instantly access almost everything anyone has ever said about how to get from being a Teenager to Adult, stressed Executive to Buddhist Monk, and entrepreneur to published author. While I would personally consider myself an adult (though some may question the mental validity of that statement at times) I’m neither stressed, nor an executive any longer, I have never been a Buddhist Monk, but those things interest me. I’m now entering the world of entrepreneurship and I’m almost ready to hit the publish button on my first book. So, being connected is great at asking those questions and giving those kind of answers to move forward. Read more