Book Review – The Manager’s Guide to Presentations

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The Manager’s Guide to Presentations by Lauren Hug

The Manager's Guide to Presentations Lauren HugAlong with a few faded and “cheesy” motivational posters of sweat drenched athletes, arms raised in mock victory, posing alongside the word “COMMITMENT,” the drab training room on the 10th floor contained eight people. It might as well have been a football stadium sized crowd that sat looking back at me. I could’t have been anymore frantic, or frazzled, on that anxious Monday morning. I had just been promoted to Team Leader, and it was the first day the inherited sales team was going to meet the “boss” for the monthly sales meeting.

While I can’t remember if they were spellbound, sitting in awe at the rhetorical eloquence of the masterful presentation I gave that day, or perhaps more likely bored silly by the twenty twirling, expanding and contracting animated bullet points on each powerpoint slide I’d stayed up till midnight creating, what I do remember was feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of writing and delivering that first presentation to the team as a new manager. This is exactly where the new book by Lauren Hug, The Manager’s Guide to Presentations, fits in on the shelves of books dedicated to public speaking and giving presentations. Read more

Why Barry Manilow Taught Me To Not Say Sorry

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Don't Say SorryWhy Barry Manilow Taught Me To Not Say Sorry

Say sorry to your sister. I grew up being told to say sorry. Say sorry for pulling her hair. Say sorry for “being mouthy.” I suppose I am still “mouthy,” but now I hope I can often get paid for it, rather than paying for it often when I was a kid.

“He’s on my side!” Did the rear seat in the car that you grew up in have an imaginary line that you were not allowed to cross? Ours did. When you crossed the line … “say sorry to your sister.” Or perhaps that biggest sin of all, going into her bedroom, The Holy of Holies. Say sorry to your sister.

Being made to say sorry doesn’t work, does it? To be truly sorry, the dictionary says, is to feel regret, to have compunction, sympathy or pity. I rarely had those feelings when I was forced to say sorry to my sister. Read more

To Risk Is To Live

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Peter Billingham The Artful SpeakerTo Risk is To Live

It seems that I have a major “risk” cycle. My wife says it’s about every 8 – 10 years. She can see it coming. I can’t. But I can feel it. It arrived again not long ago. It’s a bit like the poem, “Come To The Edge,” quoted in the last post. I come to the edge and the voice asks a question of me, will I jump?

I came to the edge again recently.

Life is a risk. To risk is to live. Each day is filled with 24 hours of possibility that today, this day, something unexpected could happen that steals away what we value the most. Family, health, possessions, freedom, even life. Depending on where you live in the world, that could be an ever present and unjust reality you face everyday without any choice. So why would anyone voluntarily chose to wander from roads that seem secure and safe for paths unknown and untrod? Read more