The Art of Inspirational Public Speaking

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The Art of Inspirational Public Speaking

Inspirational Public SpeakingYou are about to walk the fourteen steps that lead from your seat at the front of the hall to the lectern centre stage.

A pool of people sit in anticipation.
A sea of faces wait expectantly.
An ocean of lives tossed about by the just and unjust winds of life.

They need to hear something above the roar of the storms that lie quietly hidden beneath the thin umbrella of normality we mostly wear. Faces looking back at you masked with smiles, but secretly covering unexpressed suffering.

Some of them need to hear just one rain drop of hope.

  • They have come to hear you.
  • They have come to hear your words.
  • They have come to hear the voice of hope.

We all need to hear the voice of hope in our lives. Read more

Can Broadway actors help develop your public speaking skills?

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Broadway Actors Public SpeakingIt’s amazing what a simple, automated activity can bring into your world.

Do you use Google Alerts to drive targeted information to your inbox? If not, you are missing a simple process that can automatically deliver to your inbox specific content that’s relevant to your business or interests. Setting up a few targeted phrases takes seconds, but can open up to your world wonderful opportunities that you would otherwise have missed. That “Alert” happened to me recently when I was introduced to a new e-book called, Broadway Actors Present The Public Speaking Guide For Everyone published by PS4e1 and under the intriguing pen name, Peitho. Read more

Could walking 800km make you a better public speaker?

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Can walking 800km make you a better public speaker?

Walking The Camino

And, it made all the difference.

There are four key qualities that make an outstanding public speaker. These four characteristics make speakers memorable rather than mundane, spellbinding rather than stale, and wonderful rather than wearisome. When you get on your feet to speak in public if you exemplify these powerful traits you will engage, enthral and entertain an audience. If you don’t have these qualities deeply internalised about the subject you are going to deliver, you’re just not ready to speak in public.

The four qualities are:

  • Conviction
  • Energy
  • Intensity
  • Emotion

The question is then, how do you as a speaker embody these qualities? Read more