Why Should We Value Experiences Over Possessions?

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Why are Positive Experiences more value than Gaining Possessions?

Experiences over possessionsWhat drives you more, possessions or experiences?

What is of more value to you, experiences over possessions?

If you were suddenly given £500 as a gift, would your first thought be fantastic, now I can get that new iPhone, designer handbag or iPad Air? Or perhaps, would you quickly be searching budget airline websites looking for the best deal to your next “bucket list” dream destination, scanning for the hottest tickets to the most popular concerts or surprising someone with a gift of money who needs it?

I am finding increasingly that what drives my spending more is experience over possessions. I find it more satisfying, more rewarding and has longer lasting value, what about you?
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Could blushing improve your public speaking skills?

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Could blushing improve your public speaking skills?

What can you expect to happen to your body the moment you stand up to speak in public? Well first, be prepared, it can take on a life of its own! Sweaty palms, weak knees (though they rarely seem to knock) and a desert dry mouth could be the least of your worries, for me, I always blushed!

For a long time the physiological reaction that happened to me when I stood up to speak was I would blush red as the nose on Rudolph’s face. I would walk to the stage and then it would start. The adrenaline raced through my body from my adrenal glands to the veins in my face like a starving student on supermarket sweep with seconds to spare. The chemical transmitters commanded my veins to open as wide as a sergeant majors mouth shouting strict steps to squaddies square-bashing on a sunny parade ground. Uncontrollable physiological programs petitioned the adrenaline to act and do its magic superior than a David Copperfield trick. Suddenly those pulsating, patches of pink, proclaimed to anyone within eyesight of my beetroot reddening face that I am that I am blushing 25 shades of pink. Read more

Sex Drugs Rock “n” Roll and Speaking In Public

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Sex, Drugs, Rock “n” Roll & Speaking in Public

Rock N Roll and Public SpeakingFirst impressions matter.

Never underestimate the power of the first few seconds when you get to your feet to start speaking in public.

Ignore this eternal truth, and your audience might just ignore what you have to say. How can you guarantee that you will get your speech or presentation off to a good start? Practice is one of the most overlooked and under discussed factors in delivering successful speeches. I regularly listen to speeches that are full of excellent content, but I cringe when a lack of rehearsal sees that content get lost in a series of “um’s, and ah’s” and my #1 favourite pet peeve, “basically.” Argghhh! If a few extra hours would be added to their preparation by rehearsing out loud the speech, (instead of adding another 6 powerpoint slides full of bullet points) it would make a significant difference in its opening impact. If there is one area that needs even focused rehearsal attention, it’s overlearning your introduction.

In this post I want to tell you what overlearning is and how understanding and applying this technique can dramatically improve the attention you create and help to remove the nerves we all feel at the beginning of a speech. Read more