How To Start A Speech Using Surprisology Part 2

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How To Start A Speech Using SurprisologyHow To Start A Speech Using Surprisology

You have an important speech or presentation to give in a few days. You have crafted powerful words that focus the audience on the one main idea you want to communicate, you have rehearsed well, (this is a key point) but still, you want to give your presentation that extra bit of excellence, what can you do? How to start a speech that captures attention? Start a speech using Surprisology!

When was the last time you were on the receiving end of a nice surprise? Are you someone who loves surprises? Would you count yourself among the growing global tribe of Surprisologists? I am a Surprisologist. Coined by Tania Luna and Surprise Industries, who focus on helping companies develop resilient and adaptive leadership teams through creative training events, corporate away days and coaching, Surpisology is the intentional action of creating a surprise to bring adventure and excitement into life. A Surprisologist is someone who looks into any moment that’s dull, frustrating and unfulfilling and asks, “what can I do right now that is surprising?” Let’s be honest, the start of most speeches are not usually that captivating, “thank you for inviting me to speak, blah, blah, blah …” Opportunity and possibility to capture the audience, missed. Why not consider using Surprisology the next time you start a speech?

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How Can Being a Surprisologist Improve Your Public Speaking? Part 1

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How Can Being a Surprisologist Improve Your Public Speaking? Part 1

Surpriseology - Memorable Public Speaking

I love surprises. I love surprising other people, do you? Nice surprises of course. My definition of a surprise is to cause another person to feel amazement or wonder. Not the kind of surprises where someone jumps out of a big cardboard box with a “Freddy” Krueger mask on and scares the wits out of a poor unsuspecting person, but positive surprises. Though, (confession is good for the soul) watching those home videos with clip after clip of sheer terror on peoples faces always makes me laugh.

The kind of surprises I delight in are when something that you least suspect of happening, happens. When the unexpected breaks into the ordinary, it creates a memorable moment, a lasting legacy. Creating those positive surprising moments can be fun and exciting, of course, but being a Surprisologist can also dramatically impact your public speaking effectiveness. The artful speaker knows that by adding the element of surprise to a speech it makes it engaging, entertaining and memorable.

In this 2 Episode post I want to tell you how I ended up in America being a server at a McDonald’s just to create a surprise moment for someone and how you can improve your public speaking effectiveness and make your speeches memorable by adding the element of surprise into your next presentation. Read more

Could more than one thing stop you from memorable public speaking?

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Could more than one thing stop you from memorable public speaking?

memorable public speaking Peter BillinghamWhat was the last speech or presentation you heard? Can you remember what the person said? Have you ever sat through a speech and then 5 minutes after leaving the room can’t tell someone else what the subject of that speech or presentation was?

If you can answer yes to these questions, do you think maybe, just maybe, anyone has ever said that about one of your speeches? “Spare the thought!” You say. “Never,” I hear you cry! (I know what you’re thinking, someone else’s speeches, yes, but mine, no!!) Reality sometimes hurts. Good speeches, even very good speeches people forget what we say quickly. That’s why it’s vital you find out how to develop memorable public speaking skills.

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