Do you own the words you speak?

Practice Public Speaking

Why don’t public speakers practice?

I’ve never understood why the majority of public speakers don’t practice. Ok, that may be a bit of a generalisation. It may be unfair to make that assumption. On the whole, it’s true. Argue with me if you like. I listen to lots of people speak, I get so frustrated when public speakers with outstanding content are unable to string words together in way that clearly, persuasively and inspiringly communicates the vision that hold within. They could do it, but they only rent the words. It take practice to own them.

Do you own the words you speak or do you rent them?

I am one of those strange individuals who loves public speaking about legacy, leadership and speech writing.

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If you think I may be able to help you put together some words, let’s start a conversation. I could even possibly help coach you on delivering the speech.

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By Peter Billingham – Leadership Speaker, Speech Writer and Public Speaking Coach, Birmingham.

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