How can a public speaking coach like Peter Billingham help you?


You live increasingly in an online world, yet the impact of the spoken word remains one of the most powerful and effective communication methods to share your message and inspire people into action. What you have to say matters, carefully crafted words have changed history. How can you make your voice stand out in the crowd and make your message unforgettable?

How I Can help you

I can help you by:

  • Overcoming the fear of speaking in public.
  • Developing effective leadership communication skills.
  • Coaching  you to deliver an effective sales pitch.
  • Creating impactful PowerPoint presentation slides.
  • Building your confidence to speak with conviction in front of people.
  • Improving your communication skills to your staff or volunteers.

You and Your Message

My role as a public speaking and presentation coach is to work alongside you and your message. Together we can craft your opening words that create attention, then we find a key phrase that seals your message in the minds of the audience and finally we construct a compelling call to action. It is your message and my role is to help you find the words that make your message engaging and memorable.

You and Your Skills

But having the words is not enough; you will have to deliver those words with clarity, confidence and conviction if your message is going be credible to your audience. For us to work together you have to agree to be willing to put in the practice that is needed to build your skills. Do you want to stand out from the average, from the mundane, from the crowd where “death by PowerPoint” is the norm? You will have to practice. Right from the outset a key component of my coaching style is for you to be on your feet speaking, and then giving you feedback and coaching. This takes time and effort, but the rehearsal pays off with increased confidence for you as a speaker.

You and Your Needs

Because each message and situation is unique, and every person has a different set of coaching needs, I don’t have a set program or course; rather I prefer to tailor for each client a specific coaching proposal. However, I can offer single coaching sessions to build skills if you already have a message you want to deliver more effectively.

What is the investment in a personal coaching programme?

I am sure that you’ve already heard that public speaking is most people’s #1 fear. The reality is the hardest part is working out what to say. This is where a “Pitch Perfect” speechwriting package will work for you. These packages are for people who want to have the words to communicate confidently. Make a difference TODAY in your life and business by contacting “The Artful Speaker.” Soon you’ll sense the confidence of being able to speak in public knowing you have the right words to say.

Speechwriting Packages Public Speaking

Why Choose Peter Billingham As Your Public Speaking Coach?

I have been speaking in public for more than 30 years. I have given more than 1300 speeches in public. I have held the role of Regional Director CIS for an International charity, served as Midlands Senior Manager for Royal Sun Alliance Insurance Co and been involved in a number of UK and International non-profit sector start-ups. I am currently serving as Vice President of Education for the Heart of England Toastmasters, an International public speaking and leadership organisation.

My experience has been honed by writing and giving speeches to many different types of audiences and for many different reasons, some to educate, some to inform and some to influence. Internationally, I have given keynote addresses at overseas conferences in Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Israel, Russia, Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the USA. I have extensive experience in giving speeches using interpreters and translators. I have prepared hundreds of messages to non-profit volunteers and I have coached seniors executives, entrepreneurs, church leaders and leaders in the non-profit sector to craft and deliver speeches that cast vision, influence and inspire staff teams, audiences and volunteers to take action. I can do the same for you.

What do you do next?

In the first instance contact me using the form below and we can arrange a time and location to discuss your coaching needs in more detail. Alternatively, if you just have questions or require more information, let’s start a conversation.

Why leave that important speech you have to chance? Please contact me today and we can make your message unforgettable, memorable and stand out from the mundane and most importantly move people to action.