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Starting Again - StartOver EconomyStarting Again

I am starting again.

I didn’t think that at 53 I would be starting again.

I’ve started again before. Starting again is not new to me. This time it’s different. I am starting again to be an owner. Before, I’ve worked for organisations, now I’m working for myself. Honest, that fills me with doubts, fears and negative voices that fill my head saying, “what are you thinking?”

I have called myself an “Intraprenuer,” in the past. Believing and demonstrating that I have all the skill set of an entrepreneur, but using those skills inside an organisation. This time it’s different. It’s just me. An owner in development.

The Days Are Counting – I Want To Make Them Count

Many people have asked me why? Why would you leave a good position at 53 to try to build a business on your own? It’s a good question. It’s a question I’ve asked myself many times. My answer to them is you don’t get a second chance to start life again. This is it. I get to live this life once. And it’s passing too quick.

I worked out that the normal life span of a British male who is in reasonable health is 28,561 days, 78.2 years. I’ve now lived 19,639 days. That means if I’m average I’ve got 8,922 left. It doesn’t seem many to be spending them doing something I am not enjoying.

Fancy Doing A Mulligan?

Would it be good if you could do a “mulligan” with your life, or maybe part of it? You know, as they do in some sports, oh you messed up? Take that shot again. Oh you messed up your 30′s? Go on take them again. If you could do that knowing what you know after you’ve messed up, would that be a good thing to do? I’m not so sure. There is something I value about the lessons and want to be able perhaps stop other leaders from making the same mistakes.

Executive Coaching Jethro Style

There is this insightful ancient Hebrew story about the father-in-law of Moses, Jethro. The “in laws’ are coming to visit and of course Moses wants to impress the family. After a feast of a family reunion, Moses takes Jethro to the “office” to see how things in the “family business” are going. It’s not good news. Moses is run ragged. He can’t delegate. There is a queue of people waiting for him all day long, and by the end of the evening he’s wrecked. Jethro is bit like the first executive coach. He’s older. He’s been around the block a bit. Had the experience of leading people, and building organisations and observes this manic day. First, he listens to Moses. He then offers him some solid practical advice, and stays around long enough to see the progress of the suggestions he makes. That’s the start again I want to be. That’s me.

StartOver Economy 

In my StartOver Economy I want to start again using the experience I’ve gained helping to coach, mentor and grow tomorrow’s champion leaders. This could be in developing communication skills through public speaking coaching or helping give an outside pair of eyes to help grow and develop entrepreneurs and leaders.

That’s why I wouldn’t want to do a mulligan in my life. I want to draw on those years in varied careers and roles, ask insightful questions, and offer practical solutions to problems I observe. Then, stay around long enough to help implement those ideas through to success.

The starting again some days fills me with doubts and fears. That defeating voice in my head says the kind of things I’m sure it’s said to all who refuse to be bound by the limits of time. I want to live this life as best as I can, because there isn’t any mulligan coming along!

I hope that you will share this journey with me from employee to owner, offer me suggestions and together we can live the kinds of lives we always dreamed about.

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