Let’s Hear It For The Intrapreneur!

Peter Billingham Speaker & Speech Writer

STOP! What if you could be the next world changer? Let’s hear it for the Intrapreneur!

Are you caught in a never-ending struggle of wanting to do something to change the world but work within an organisation and don’t want to work for yourself? Many people have been in the same situation and realised that they have the incredible power to become a world changer! What if you could be the next…? Let’s hear it for the “Intrapreneur!”

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 Can I Help You?

  • You have been asked to “say a few words” at the celebration of your companies success at winning a large new contract.
  • You have to give a short presentation at the second interview for the “job of your dreams.”
  • It’s your daughters wedding and you have to stand up and put into words the thoughts, feelings and emotions of “giving away” your most precious child.
  • A good friend has sadly passed away and you have been given the responsibility for writing a eulogy for their funeral, how do you sum up a life in 10 minutes?

I am one of those strange individuals who loves public speaking about legacy, leadership and speech writing. – See more about it here:

If you think I may be able to help you put together some words, let’s start a conversation. I could even possibly help coach you on delivering the speech.

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