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Using props for effective speaking can make all the difference to keeping an audience engaged on your message. How could you use a prop next time you speak to make a point even more memorable? In this “Artful Speaker” Blogcast I explain how using props for effective speaking has helped me capture attention, and how a hose pipe, bread making machine and a lump of clay added a different dimension to presentations I have made, and how these ideas may help you bring your next speech alive.

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  • You have been asked to “say a few words” at the celebration of your companies success at winning a large new contract.
  • You have to give a short presentation at the second interview for the “job of your dreams.”
  • It’s your daughters wedding and you have to stand up and put into words the thoughts, feelings and emotions of “giving away” your most precious child.
  • A good friend has sadly passed away and you have been given the responsibility for writing a eulogy for their funeral, how do you sum up a life in 10 minutes?

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